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CALIX (2013)

A Rondo is the second album by the Brazilian band Calix. The line-up consists of Renato Savassi (vocals, flute, violin), Sanzio Brandao (guitars, violin), André Goday (drums, percussion, vocals), Marcelo Cioglia (bass, vocals) and Bufino Silvéro (keyboards, vocals). Some tracks are orchestrated by a chamber orchestra. Their music isn't easy to describe, because of the use of the native language - only one track is sung in English - but also because the musical style differs from song to song. The somewhat symphonic opening, an up-tempo song called Desecto, reminds me of Minimum Vital and also the next track, a bit more folk-influenced, could have been done by Minimum Vital. Depois Da Guerra is a nice mainstream pop-song, followed by Homens-Pedra, a track influenced by Jethro Tull. Seu Dom is a more acoustic track, also a Jethro Tull-like folksong. The album continues with Looking Back, which sounds very much like Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN) with its nice harmonies and catchy melody. A touch of The Beatles (Strawberry Fields) and George Harrison can be heard in Lenda Do Mar having the full chamber orchestra on it. The title track is probably the song that expresses most what kind of music the band stands for: acoustic guitar, piano, well sung indeed, building up to a climax with the use of fretless bass and harmony vocals. Fora Do Mundo is again a more acoustic song: CSN meet Simon & Garfunkel, while Em Pedaços has a more heavy, electric approach. Only vocals and an accompanying acoustic guitar can be heard in the folk-song Dois Rios that leads to the instrumental Camel-like Accordei and to the last track Devagar, a folky tune in which the vocals are accompanied by acoustic guitar, piano, percussion and fretless bass. At the end the electric guitar closes off in a slightly more rock-style. Don’t expect Latin, roaring guitar-riffs or dominating keys, Calix makes easy listening, folk orientated music, but because of the variety between the songs A Rondo is a very nice album in its genre!