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BELIEVE (2006)

Mirek Gil, one of the member founders of the Polish renowned prog outfit Collage, started Believe as a solo project. He got vocalist and guitarist Tomek Rozycki involved, and the other three plus Robert Sieradzki for writing all the lyrics for Hope To See Another Day. While the other musicians brought in their skills and training Gil and Rozycki were responsible for most of the compositions. As the band states, their music is all about 'a powerful sound, full of faith and melody' and not to display virtuosity. Influences of Phil Collins can be heard in Coming Down, Pink Floyd in Pain, Porcupine Tree in Liar and also influences of Collage are recognizable. The addition of the violin gives the music a slight gypsy touch rather than immediately comparing it to for instance a band like Kansas. The tunes are melodic, symphonic but also falling in the category of popular rock and I think Gil and his band members have succeeded in reaching the goals they have set for this debut album. Rozycki is a fine singer with a distinct sound: a bit nasal and a little mellow. Probably not everybody's going to like his voice. Thanks to a lot of available MP3’s you can listen to Believe’s music yourself by visiting their website by clicking on media. Although the sound of Believe is more modern, sometimes the feel is the same as with the music by Eloy in their earlier days. With Satellite and Riverside Poland has got another interesting band to keep in mind if you are looking for melodic powerful symphonic music!